Comb Janeke Superbrush – Small – Turquoise Pink

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Comb Janeke Superbrush – Small – Turquoise Pink

This comb of the new generation is able to keep the hair intact during combing, drying with a hair dryer, and using other styling methods.

Does not tear the ends and does not damage the hair structure.

The massage base of the brush consists of a patented invention, which is a base with holes in the shape of a beehive.

The hot air of the hair dryer is distributed so evenly that it does not injure the scalp, does not dry the curls, and the hair is dried in a few moments without any damage.

Also, the soft and sharp ends of the brush provide a great massage effect to the scalp.

With this comb, hair drying takes much less time than with a regular brush, so the hair suffers less from the hair dryer.

Suitable for unruly hair and hair of any structure.

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