Dr.Ceuracle Cryo Cooler

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Dr.Ceuracle Cryo Cooler

Dr.Ceuracle Cryo Cooler will give you a pleasant feeling of coolness and help to evenly distribute various products.

The action of the Dr.Ceuracle Cryo Cooler massager is based on the mechanism of cryotherapy, which allows you to relieve tension and fatigue, remove swelling and restore the microcirculation of blood and lymph.

The home device allows you to increase lymph drainage and improve blood flow, activate all metabolic processes, which strengthens microcirculation, saturates skin cells with oxygen and, as a result, increases skin tone and improves complexion. Using your favorite creams and masks, and at the same time using a massager, you will make the delicate skin care procedure even more effective.

125 g

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