Dr. Ceuracle Tea Tree Purifine 30 Cleansing Foam

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Dr. Ceuracle Tea Tree Purifine 30 Cleansing Foam

The gentle washing gel has a slightly acidic pH level and gently cleanses the skin of everyday impurities, as well as excess sebum, without damaging the skin’s protective hydrolipidic barrier.

Foam does not contain aggressive sulfate surfactants (surfactants), instead very mild “green” cleaners based on amino acids are used as a washing base, which provide delicate cleaning and at the same time have an extremely low irritating potential.

In addition to soft cleansing components, the gel contains shea oil, which softens the skin, and trehalose, so after washing there is no feeling of dryness and tightness, the skin remains smooth and moisturized.

Gel-foam for washing not only preserves the physiological pH of the skin, but also helps to maintain its healthy balance thanks to the soothing, anti-inflammatory extracts of healing plants and essential oils included in the composition.

As one of the most effective natural antiseptics, tea tree helps fight inflammation and prevents bacterial colonization.

Antimicrobial properties are enhanced by lavender essential oil, witch hazel and black willow bark extract have a sebum-regulating effect and make the skin more matte.

When in contact with water, the gel turns into a gentle foam, easily and quickly washed off, leaving no soapy residue. Suitable for daily use. Recommended for normal, combination and oily skin. Without parabens, artificial colors and fragrances.

Size 150ml

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