Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Black Treatment 50ml

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Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Black Treatment

Conditioner for all hair types enhances the effect of restoring natural color when used together with Folligen Black shampoo, detangles and softens hair, makes combing easier when wet and dry, neutralizes static electricity.

It has a slightly acidic pH level (4 – 5.5), helps to close the cuticle and protect the cortex from moisture loss and damage, makes hair smooth, silky and shiny.

Without silicones, does not weigh down thin hair.

Easy to use as your daily conditioner, faster result – healthy hair without gray hair!

For the gray darkening effect without the use of chemical dyes that damage hair keratin, the conditioner uses the phenomenon of darkening of natural polyphenolic compounds upon contact with oxygen.

The patented complex of antioxidants Folligen Black Effect™ (green tea catechins, curcumin, quercetin and resveratrol) in liposomal form penetrates into the cuticular layer of the hair, and upon interaction with oxygen, the oxidation reaction of polyphenols is triggered. It is accompanied by the formation of a dark pigment on the surface of the hair and a gradual change in the color of gray hair to dark brown of various shades.

In addition to the darkening polyphenolic complex, the formula includes moisturizing components, as well as conditioning agents for detangling and reducing hair damage during combing and styling.

50 ml

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