Dr. FORHAIR Phyto Fresh Scalp Scaler 50 ml

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Dr. FORHAIR Phyto Fresh Scalp Scaler

Regular cleaning of the scalp is the key to healthy and shiny hair, because such a procedure prevents the appearance of a number of dermatological problems: irritation, itching, dandruff and even hair loss. A cleansing mask based on 95% natural ingredients helps to remove dead skin particles, toxins, as well as sebum residues that gradually accumulate on the scalp and disrupt the full nutrition of hair follicles.
Soft surfactants (surfactants) based on coconut oil dissolve impurities without damaging the structure of the protective barrier of the scalp. Salicylic acid frees from keratinized cells and cleans the contents of the pores from excess sebum, opening access to the follicles.
In this way, the effectiveness of other care products increases, the natural process of the sebaceous glands is restored, the hair retains its freshness and root volume longer.
The cleansing mask contains a patented complex of plant extracts Anti-Sebum P (HD) to control the secretion of sebum, as well as a refreshing and soothing effect: pine extract (narrows pores, regulates the amount of sebum), David’s elm root extract (anti-inflammatory, moisturizing ), evening primrose flower extract (soothes, soothes) and pueraria root extract (reduces redness, improves cellular regeneration).
It also contains a combination of three Herb Clean Complex extracts: oregano, peppermint and lemon balm. This combination improves microcirculation, pleasantly cools and provides long-lasting freshness.
50 ml
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