Rituals Good Fortune Ritual Of Gratitude Body Cream 220 ml

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Rituals Good Fortune Ritual Of Gratitude Body Cream 220 ml

Moisturizing body cream carefully cares for the skin, rejuvenates it, makes it smooth and radiant. The main composition of the cream is tangerine and patchouli, two effective and beneficial ingredients for the skin. Tangerine is associated with prosperity in Asian culture, and its citrus and fruity notes bring an element of freshness. Combined with woody notes of patchouli, this unisex fragrance will evoke positive emotions and make you smile all day long.

The cream is suitable for all skin types and contains 94% natural ingredients. Patchouli is considered a very valuable ingredient in India. There is nothing surprising in this, if you take into account the sultry tones of musk, which evoke something deeply sensual in the imagination. The spicy fresh aroma of tangerine magically lifts the mood. In China, the tangerine is considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck, in part because of its intense golden-yellow color.



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